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Our people create our strength and forge our identity.

FOTELLIS S.A. has a specialized team of experienced engineers, tech engineers, electronics and electrical professionals, as well as certified partners in a nationwide network.

These are the people who safeguard the company’s values. They get trained in new technologies, as well as in quality assurance, design, installation and maintenance of its advanced security systems. They are distinguished for their skills in demanding and complex projects. They are always there for you when you need them. To figure out which security system suits you, you will examine all your options with the professional engineers of FOTELLIS S.A. Installation and guidance are provided by our experienced technicians and, after the installation, the service technicians will support you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Συστηματα Ασφαλείας Φωτέλλης - Εταιρεία
Συστηματα Ασφαλείας Φωτέλλης - Τεχνολογία Αιχμής
Συστηματα Ασφαλείας Φωτέλλης - Τεχνική Εξειδίκευση
Συστηματα Ασφαλείας Φωτέλλης - Ασφάλεια Κατοικίας