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Fire Safety Systems

Fire detection

Proper and complete fire detection is an extremely important element for various spaces and for many different requirements. At FOTELLIS S.A. we carefully examine your space in order to design integrated fire safety systems with international certifications and specifications, which are capable of detecting any possible fire source. Special detectors of temperature, flame, visible smoke, etc. are placed in key positions and, in combination with an announcement alarm button, protect the space and the people present by announcing the event in ample time to follow an evacuation process.

The design of and plan for a fire detection system is always in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the European Union.

Automatic fire extinction

Gas automatic fire extinguishing systems ensure the timely detection and extinction of fire in areas where electromechanical, electronic or electrical equipment is present. They provide protection to both people and machinery. Gas systems such as the CO2 Inergen Fire Suppression System and others are available. Gas systems are divided into three categories: Inergen®, CO2 and HFC227ea (brand name FM200) automatic extinguishing system. Their operation is based on a dual detection zone, which perceives the fire before the extinguishing material is released. It includes accesses for manual release of the extinguishing material, and an option for its cancellation. "We study your space carefully, suggest and install the appropriate extinguishing system".